DIY Carseat Cover

When we picked out the colours for our nursery – black, white and mustard – we didn’t take into consideration the fact that baby things don’t typically come in those colours. So instead of hunting far and wide or changing our colours, we set out making some custom items for our little baby Fournier.

One of the things on my never-ending to-do list (never-ending because for every one thing I cross off, I decide to add two more things), was to make a carseat cover in our colours. Since our little one is coming in the fall and will still be very little in the winter, we expect this to get a lot of use.

Inspired by Elise Joy’s triangle quilts, I decided to make a triangular quilted car seat cover for our little one using black and white cotton with small pops of mustard, and a backing of mustard coloured minky fabric. I wasn’t very worried about it being absolutely perfect, and was okay with things not lining up properly.

I worked on the quilted side first, secured it to the minky, flipped it inside out and quilted the horizontal lines, since the diagonal ones weren’t perfectly lining up everywhere. I then added some straps and velcro, and voila – a finished carseat cover!

I really like how it turned out, and while I know it’s not absolutely perfect, it’s perfect for us because it’s one-of-a-kind and was made with love for our little bug.

I absolutely can’t wait to finish up all the other fun DIY projects on my to-do list so I can share them with you here. And let me know what you think of the carseat cover in the comments below.

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