DIY Subway Art wrapping paper

Wrapping presents is the one thing I love almost as much as I love picking them out. It’s something I take a lot of pride in and enjoy.

At Christmas time, it’s a tradition in Will’s family to wrap all the stocking gifts with brown kraft paper, and so when the time came to wrap a gift for a family wedding shower, I immediately decided to re-work the excessive amounts of kraft paper in our house to make something special for my cousin’s bride-to-be.


Starting at the centre of a pre-measured piece of kraft paper, I began to write random phrases and words, twisting and turning the paper as I went. I loved playing with different types and fonts, and found that alternating between long and short phrases made for a visually appealing design.

DSCF4258I added the names of my cousin and his fiance, the date of their wedding, and other love-inspired quotes and words to really personalize the paper.


I was so pleased with the result and found that a simple red ribbon was enough to top it off. It was a great hit at the shower, and was an easy and affordable way to personalize this gift wrapping for a very special occasion.