Easy Valentine’s Centrepiece – A Cameo Silhouette Project

Valentine’s day is coming up, and I have to admit that I am more excited than other years to celebrate. For myself and Will, celebrating doesn’t mean buying chocolate or roses (although the first year we were dating, he did surprise me with a huge bouquet of them at work)!

For us, it is just another day for us to slow down and appreciate the fact that we’re a super team and lucky to be married to each other.


wedding-0696As with most holidays, I am super excited about decorating our place! I have been a little obsessed with geometric shapes this year, and have been using my Silhouette Cameo to cut them out for every occasion – and Valentine’s Day is no different!

This year, I wanted something to dress up our new kitchen table, so I created this super fun centrepiece from an octahedron cut file I created:

Hexthings3I love the pop of colour it brings to our home, without the cheesy-ness of being too lovey dovey. This is definitely something I can keep up throughout the whole month of February, and not to mention they were super easy to make with my Cameo Silhouette machine (aka my crafting sidekick).

Hexthings2So excited about how they turned out. But of course, they’re not floating around my house on cloud 9 all day, and actually look like this:

Valentine's CentrepieceFebruary can’t come soon enough!

*Photos were expertly taken and edited by my uber talented husband, Will. I could not make anything nearly as cool as floating shapes, so he gets the credit!