Making pages for other people: Part Two

As a continuation of my previous post Making pages for other people: Part One, I am posting some additional ideas for when you are making pages for events that you weren’t there for. One go-to idea is to create all the design elements of the page and leave space for personal journaling. Here is a Valentine’s Day page I made for my nephew with designated journaling space:
imageI thought this page would be more meaningful if my cousin wrote her own memories of this day. The only thing I need to do now is remind her to finish the page! Here is another sample page where I left journaling space. Feel free to dress it up or keep it as simple as you want!
I chose to dress it up a little by adding the stickers on the sides.
imageI wanted to bring in the colours of the ribbons into the journaling part so that is didn’t look disjointed.
imageLet me know what you think!