MUGS & JUGS PODCAST // Episode 008 – Special 20 Questions Episode

Welcome to our first special episode of MUGS & JUGS, which we have renamed GLASSES & ASSES, because it’s a little bit crazier than our typical episodes.

This time, we’ve prepared 20 secret questions total that we are posing to each other and answering throughout the episode. We didn’t share the questions with each other before taping, so get ready for a pretty raw episode, including details on how nice Dani is, Sarah’s three favourite places in the world, Mel’s favourite part about herself & whether or not Britt would stay at home with Burke if she had the chance.

So buckle in for a fun time! Happy listening!


Thanks for listening and following along with this special get-to-know-us episode. We had a lot of fun taping it and we hope you enjoyed listening. If you have any other great questions you’d like to ask us, put them in the comments section below and we will do another follow-up with some answers.