MUGS & JUGS PODCAST // Episode 009 – Raising babies with fur-babies

“I love my fur-babies like human babies and I swear a human baby won’t change my feelings for my fur-babies!”

We have all said it, and we now all know how no matter how great your intentions are, your love for your fur-baby will change when your human baby is born. Even for the hard-core fur-baby parents who dedicate their weekends to trekking all over the continent to find the best dog parks, your feelings towards them will change when baby comes.

This week, we’re chatting about easing the transition with bringing baby home, trying to get time in with your fur-baby when human-baby is taking over all the time & dealing with your (sometimes) change-of-heart when it comes to raising babies with fur-babies.

Happy listening!


Did you have a hard time giving your pet love when you brought baby home? Do you have any tips for us struggling with trying to find time to do it all and still make time for your fur-baby? Please (please) leave them in the comments below! We’d love to hear how you eased the transition and dedicate time to loving your pets apres baby.