St. Patrick’s Day table runner

As any proud Irish citizen would, I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a fun green craft. This year, I decided to dust off my paints and try something new. With my trusty Silhouette Cameo, I made a Subway art table runner template and got to work painting my way through the muslin runner.

To make the stencil, I combined a bunch of words and fonts, changing and rotating them as I went along. I didn’t have any template material for the Silhouette, so I just used a strong piece of 12X12 cardstock. One piece got through 4 stencils before I had to cut another one out. DSCF5588

I mixed a couple colours of paint and kept the pattern and colours consistant throughout. For a more random look, you could also rotate the template by a quarter turn each time you set it down. You could also try different colours throughout.


Because I kept it consistent, my runner came out with a clear pattern. I like how the clover and “Green” really pop.

For fun festive crafts like these, I don’t think too much about getting things perfect. In fact, I actually like seeing the imperfections that made each stencil set unique. As well, going over the same parts each time I layed the stencil down was extremely calming. I have decided I need to start painting more often.


I absolutely love the finished product and can’t wait to celebrate my Irish heritage on St. Patrick’s Day this year. If you’re interested in trying this craft and have a Silhouette Cameo, I have uploaded the cut file for you here.

Can’t wait to see how it turns out!