Wedding Wednesday: Thursday edition

Some brides have a hard time getting their fiance motivated to help out or become interested in wedding planning. Fortunately, I am not one of those brides. Will has been so supportive and interested in everything we have been doing in preparation for our big day; he has even been helping with all the crafty projects I have lined up for us!

One awesome thing that he even did was apply for a contest to win an HP Printer prize pack from Something Turquoise. And guess what… he won! I was thrilled that he was so willing to apply for the contest to make it easier as we DIY our way to the wedding. Here is a picture from when Will was setting up the printer:


This was his “test print” using the wireless email printing feature. Basically, he set up an email address that you can send pictures and documents to (from anywhere!) and the printer will recognize the document or picture and print it accordingly. Such a cool feature that will definitely come in handy! We even started using the printer last night for our save the dates, which I will be posting about once our guests have received them in the mail (don’t want to ruin the surprise!)

Now, I was hesitant to share this link with you to Something Turquoise because I really would like to keep this all to myself! But it’s definitely better to share, since she has so many great ideas and pictures for wedding inspiration. This blog also has the best DIY tutorials that I am planning on adapting to fit our wedding. We have already created the cupcake picks from my last Wedding Wednesday post. And now we have a brand new, super-awesome printer to help with the rest of the things we have planned!!